It’s All Story! 

What if you already had perfect mental health?

.What if you could see:

Your experience of life is only ever coming from your thinking, not what’s going on in the outside world.

That your inner spark, your innate wisdom has always got your back and that you’re already okay?

Like every other human being in the world, you’re a master storyteller and that it’s the stories in your head that are holding you back ? 

Once you see this for yourself and in everyone else …?

The brakes are well and truly off !


I’m Deany Judd

I’m a wife, mother, a teacher, an online tutor and a crisis counsellor.

I’m  also a certified A Little Peace of Mind Practitioner, helping people see the missing link in our search for mental wellbeing  – thought!

This is a whole different approach to mental health 

When we see that we’re born with mental health, that we’re innately healthy and that when we feel anxious, stressed, depressed what has happened- regardless of how we feel -is that we’ve got caught up in thought, our low thinking falls away to reveal what’s been there all along.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with people with all sorts of  problems – anxiety, stress, alcohol reliance, teens, parenting problems … the list goes on .

BUT the answer is always the same!  When we see the role story plays in our lives and always has, problems drop away very quickly and leave us with a whole new relationship with life.

This is a different way of looking at how the mind works – it’s a description, not a prescription but boy oh boy, is it powerful!


What I Do

#Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks

For those experiencing stress and anxiety in your life it’s great to see you’re only one thought away from peace of mind.

When you understand the role of thought in your life – how it’s holding you back, how it’s creating stories all day long in your head and how you’re believing them is limiting you , then the landscape changes.

 # Teen Anxiety

Teenage years can be particularly difficult. Trying to fit in with those around you, not knowing who you are or how you should be … all those stories of how you should be, parents’ expectations of how we should be – it’s exhausting!

I’ve worked with teens and young people and their parents for  well over 30 years now and I particularly  enjoy this age group – not least because they see  the role of story in their lives really quickly. And there is no reward greater than seeing a young person comfortable  in their own skin

 #3 Teachers and Educators

One of the most important jobs anyone can do – without mentally well teachers – well, we’re all in trouble.

I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years and worked with lots of teachers closely for the last 9 years . When teachers see the role of story in their work with pupils and staff members,  their working  lives change enormously- and those around them can’t help but be impacted too !
CLICK HERE for details of my teachers’ mental health wellbeing course From Burnout to Brilliance 


I was pretty nervous about having 1:1 coaching but Deany was very kind, calm and reassuring to speak to. She put me at ease and shared some thought provoking ideas and questions that have definitely helped me get to a better place with my anxiety. "


I’ve worked with Deany for some private sessions and found her to be so helpful .She was calm friendly ,warm and professional.I felt at ease straight away and really clicked with her .I looked forward to the sessions each week .I would highly recommend her .

Sarah K

This wasn't counselling as I expected it - it was so much more ! I see life in a whole new way- everyone should work with Deany if they can !


You’ve really helped me you know. I know this because sometimes I think, ‘ I wonder what Deany would say about this story’ which brings a real lightness and often makes me laugh. One always tries to make an exception for each difficulty but in fact there are no exceptions.

Ella M

We had a team meeting this morning, recapping the highs and lows of the last 12 months. One thing that really stuck with everyone was the fantastic session you did with us on stories. This comes up time and again in conversations around the office, and definitely left a lasting impression. The team found it really beneficial, we certainly saw a marked difference in the following months.



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