About Me

When I had my children my head became a very busy place.

There was a lot of danger out there and a lot to worry about – Stories of danger, stories of how I wanted the future to look stories of what success looked like and stories of the past.

All of them stories!

And of course believing that I was in control, I had to fix everything and cling on tight and manipulate and organise  ….it was exhausting!

Once I came across this understanding everything changed . I saw that they were all stories, movies  playing in my head all day long. And I believed them all and thought they were all real.

Once I saw what was happening …well, everything changed.

The stories keep coming but when you know they’re stories you don’t take them seriously, they drop quickly and you have so much more space in your head to be creative and at peace .

I LOVE sharing  this understanding with other people.

Teens see this understanding very quickly and parents of anxious teens who are desperate  to find a solution,  pick this up quickly too.

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A little more about me…

and confident that I can help I’ve had a few ‘careers’ – I was a teacher , an online tutor and when my children were young I worked as a freelance writer for 10 years.

What all those jobs have in common was that when doing them I was always chasing the clock, chasing ‘success’ and chasing achievement- in me and everyone else around me.

Utterly exhausting…

…And unnecessary!

Once you see that you’re not running the show, you never have been and that you have the power within you and always have to find the answers you’re seeking, then life gets so much easier.

No matter what comes your way, you can handle it!

It’s the most hopeful message you’ll ever hear.

I’ve completed the Little Peace of Mind Practitioner Training and Erika Bugbee’s Working With Teens program too – well over 300 hours of training – I fell well equipped and confident I can help you. 


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