When we feel anxious or stressed or sad we look to the outside and pin it on something :

…it’s my husband, he never helps me with anything

…my children aren’t behaving well

…my health is poor and I can’t cope

I don’t have enough money…

I’m not in the right job…

I’m not thin enough…beautiful enough…enough, enough…enough

All of that thinking is innocently mistaken.The outside world can never make us feel anything

Instead it’s our thinking about things on the outside world that we feel.

100%. Always.

And that’s a big difference!

So when you feel anxious /stressed/sad what’s happening is that you’ve got a pile up of thinking, like taxis at a taxi rank.

And you’re feeling the stress of that thinking. Not the outside thing you think it is.

Picture a taxi rank. One taxi could be money, another taxi could be your health, another your children, a memory from the past  …whatever it is that’s causing you pain.

And it looks like a big tangled mess as all the taxis snarl up and make noise and cause confusion.

But taxis ranks clear in their own way. People get into taxis and they drive off and then there’s a period of calm and then it busies up again . All by itself.

Our thoughts are like taxis – if we get in one it can take us on a ride – and it can often be unpleasant. It can seem endless. But it always comes to an end. and that’s like our thinking . No matter how unpleasant it is when we leave it , when  we don’t try and sort it out, it clears all by itself

And  of course we never need to get into  the taxi when it arrives!