Our hearts beat without us doing anything…

Our hair grows without us doing anything…

…Babies crawl and walk without us doing anything…

The grass grows… the seasons change…flowers open

All without our help.

There’s a force of nature that  all human beings have access to-  call it innate wisdom, universal wisdom divine wisdom.

Call it your spark, innate wisdom, divine wisdom, your soul, your intuition, home…

I like thinking of it as the ‘back office.’

And like all great back offices everything is happening exactly as it should without fuss or clamour. The back office takes care of everything and the front office takes the memos, the directions and puts them into place. A seamless process.

We get into trouble when we think we have to get into the back office too. We become controlling and manipulative and fearful. After all if we believe our happiness depends on a set of outside circumstances being a certain way – you’d better believe I’ll cling on and try and manipulate those circumstances !

But the back office has always got things under control .

It always has and it always  will

And this is  the best news you’ll ever hear

Nothing for you to do other than take the memos.

Life is really so simple !