…embark on an empowering journey where self-limiting stories of the pupils in front of you, the school management and your own abilities are transformed …allowing you to enjoy teaching once again 

 The number of  teaching days lost to mental health rose by 57% between 2018  and 2023 (TES)

The unavoidable truth staring governments, head teachers and, well everyone, is that TEACHING STAFF NEED SUPPORT.

Teaching is a noble profession, but one that comes with many challenges…

Imagine trying to be a role model for young people while battling your own insecurities and personal and emotional issues? It’s not an easy task and yet teachers are expected to transform into healthy, happy, well adjusted role models hour after hour after hour in the classroom…

Teachers face the pressure of of maintaining their bearings and optimism amidst the many challenges they encounter on a daily basis: from dealing with difficult students and parents to constantly updating paperwork and management requests- teachers carry a great deal of stress.

This stress affects their ability to be enthusiastic, creative and respectful in the classroom  as well as hindering their ability to maintain consistent standards of conduct and effectively deliver the curriculum.

When teachers are suffering from this build-up to burn out the impact affects students as well. When teachers are anxious, irritable or defensive it triggers insecure and resistant states of mind in their students, hampering their ability to learn and thrive in the classroom. 

It’s a vicious circle that can have long-lasting effects on both the teacher and the students. It’s very clear that addressing teacher mental health is not only crucial for the well-being of educators but for the success of their students.  

By understanding the pivotal role stories play in our lives, these problems can dissipate rapidly, leaving you with an entirely new outlook on life.

We present a different lens through which to view the workings of the mind – it’s not a rigid formula but rather an insightful description that holds immense power. Take the first step today to explore this revolutionary approach to teacher mental well-being.


What does burnout look like for teachers and schools?


For teachers the CONSEQUENCES of burnout are :


Health issues : emotional and physical exhaustion


relationships  and family problems as all areas of life are affected


a sense of failure and a good predictor of those about to leave the profession


A feeling of overwhelm about even the smallest taks


loss of confidence and a lack of love for a once passionate career


As teachers are more irritable and reactive pupils become less engaged


For Schools the consequences of teacher burnout look like this


Staffing issues  you need to get cover for absent staff and that means increased costs 


Staff Morale sick teachers and low morale affects other members of staff


Pupil morale pupils hate to have a change of staff – or worse , several changes of staff


Exam results  with missing key members of staff the result is a decline in student’s results


Dissatisfied parents – parents are never happy when therir children are being  taught by a succession of supply teachers   


The school’s reputation suffers  as teacher’s professional status dips


Burntout teachers take early retirement and their experience and expertise leaves with them

You’ve tried to help your staff – after all, you know the very real consequences, but, well…nothing has worked… 

You know that  teachers are slow to look after themselves while always putting others ahead of them. You’ve likely signed up for a few different things for staff welfare  – 

Identify with this?

✅ You have a school wellbeing strategy in place. 

✅ Staff mindfulness sessions are running 

✅ Relaxation and managing stress sessions have been put on for staff 

✅Buddy-up practices have been set up for teachers to have a safe space to share

Despite your best efforts, self-limiting stories persist, holding you back from the life you envision.

all with the best intentions – after all, you want to lead your staff,  encourage them and help them be the best teachers they can be. But it all feels like a runaway train these days – and teacher burnout and mental health is having a devastating toll on teacher absences. And class contact time has not decreased despite promises.

You need help to help teachers but the constant search for answers has left you feeling exhausted


But what if you had a different approach? 

Imagine a school filled with classrooms filled with resilient healthy teachers ready to make a positive impact on their students’ lives.

Picture a teacher who effortlessly tips the scale from risk to resilience, unlocking the innate potential within every student.

Imagine a teacher who meets the challenges they face on a daily basis while maintaining their bearings and optimism.

A life-changing teacher is caring, bringing out the best in their students through creative teaching, a great deal of love and by holding their students accountable to fulfil their potential .

When teachers’ wellbeing and resiliency is prioritised , they create an environment where students can thrive, learn and develop into their best selves.

Does it sound too good to be true ?


Each one of us carries a unique set of stories that impact our perception of ourselves and the world.

Some stories empower us, while others may hold us back. By taking the time to identify, question, and examine these stories, you can unlock your inner power and create a brighter future.

By examining the stories you have within school and the classroom:

  • stories of your job,
  • your ability,
  • what you’re up against,
  • your colleagues in the department,
  • your colleagues in the wider school,
  • senior management, not to mention the stories of the pupils you teach.

the brakes are off and teachers will gain a profound understanding of themselves and their potential for transformation.

Imagine a journey where the solutions aren’t fleeting, but deeply transformative.

From Burnout to Brilliance: empowering teachers to thrive isn’t just another program!

Ready to break free from the cycle of temporary fixes and embark on a transformation that lasts for your staff?



From Burnout to Brilliance: empowering teachers to thrive 


…and  look more closely at what each part involves:

Part 1 :Why you're experiencing burnout

When you see that burnout is a story made of thought like all the other stories we have whirling around our heads, we start to turn our attention to where it has come from. And that’s where freedom lies.  Freedom from the stories for the rest of our lives

Part 2: Your pupils aren't who you think they are

when we properly see that the stories we have about the pupils in front of us – their personalities, their abilities, their backgrounds, and families – are simply stories, not true, made of thought and affecting the way we interact with them, then we have a whole new relationship with them


Part 3 : Colleagues and management- a whole new relationship

This is a life-changing one! When we see the stories we’ve been running about our colleagues, what they’re like, their capabilities, and what they think of us, we start to see how these stories are limiting us and holding us back from our true potential, well we can’t help but drop them.   

Part 4: A whole New Career

we see that the stories we have about our career, about teaching are largely negative and that we’ve moved very far away from what attracted us to this amazing career. We pause and regroup and fall in love all over again with this most privileged of jobs.


 A weekly check-in to see how it’s going for you We have lots of stories of what our working lives should look like- career progression,  how our colleagues should appreciate us and interact with us, how we’re doing in the job and what our students are like – great to see how all of this is made up !

Deany has a wonderfully simple and pragmatic approach to helping stressed-out professionals settle their minds and come back to themselves

With short clear guidance I was able to cut through my feeling of absolute overwhelm and regain a clear mind.’ Emily J 



Changes you'll SEE when you've completed the Course (and it's not just in the classroom)


1. Renewed passion for teaching:

Gain the tools and insights to examine the narratives that have shaped your working life to date. As you delve into the core aspects of how we work, you’ll drop the stories and be far more in the present moment with a whole new love for what you’re doing. There is no job like teaching – it will be great to be reminded of that


2. Heightened Self-Awareness:

Experience a profound increase in self-awareness as you unravel the stories that have been operating beneath the surface. By shining a light on these narratives, you’ll understand how they have influenced your thoughts, actions, and emotions.


  2. Enhanced Relationships:

As you navigate the stories embedded in your relationships with both pupils and colleagues, you can’t help but  foster deeper connections with others. A happier teacher is a happier classroom is a happier school.


4. An end to constant seeking 

As we see the truth of who and what we are it puts an end to the constant seeking outside ourselves for validation. As we realise that we’re all we need, we’re the full package, we’re exactly where we’re meant to be then the seeking automatically dissolves- peace at last


3. Professional Transformation:

Examine and transform the stories surrounding your abilities and capabilities. Whether it’s pursuing a career change, achieving work-life balance, or enhancing professional satisfaction, you’ll gain the insights to see how your work narrative has come about and it then starts to dissolve – there are no limits to where you can go! 


6. Stress and Anxiety Relief:

This course will see a huge change in your levels of anxiety and stress – when we see where it comes from, when we understand it, it lessens. Also when we stop resisting it- all feelings welcome! – its impact and power falls away. Even more peace !


4. An end to burnout  

When you see that burnout is a story made of thought like all the other stories we have whirling around our heads, we start to turn our attention to where it has come from. And that’s where freedom lies.  Freedom from the stories for the rest of our lives


8. A Stronger Sense of Self:

By actively engaging with your stories, you’ll develop a stronger sense of self. Embrace the incredible individual beneath the layers of narratives, unlocking the full potential that resides within you.



I’m Deany Judd and I was an English teacher for many years and so was very focused on all aspects of story-telling: stories, reading stories, analyzing stories… what I didn’t know was that I was telling myself stories all day long.

Stories about me, stories about other people, stories about how the world should be. Of course, I thought they were real. I hadn’t realized how human beings work.

And when I had my children these stories ramped up and my head became a very, very busy place.

There was a lot of danger out there and a lot to worry about – Stories of danger, stories of how I wanted the future to look stories of what success looked like and stories of the past.

All of them stories!

And of course believing that I was in control, I had to fix everything and cling on tight and manipulate and organise ….it was exhausting!

Once I came across this understanding everything changed. I saw that they were all stories-  movies  playing in my head all day long. And I believed them all and thought they were all real.

The stories keep coming but when you know they’re stories you don’t take them seriously, they drop quickly and you have so much more space in your head to be creative and at peace.

I LOVE sharing this understanding with other people and see the difference it makes to teachers in the classroom and out of the classroom – it really is life-changing.

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